Gun Control Plan Rebuttal.

Stu Bykofsky has as much business writing about guns as I do about football. As he puts it

“I am not a member – the NRA doesn’t represent me or most of my pistol-packing pals. Some of my NRA friends say it doesn’t represent them, either, on background checks.”
Then why don’t you quote them? They’re too scared to tell the truth or perhaps your friends are imaginary?
“After years of writing about gun issues, I developed a plan to reduce the risk of gun violence. Neither side will love it all.”
His so-called plan is 99% anti-gun, let’s look at his proposals:
“* Mandatory instant background check for everyone, for every gun sold.”

Great, so no more armslist, no more private transfers, no more gun shows, just private citizens being treated like criminals for selling to other private citizens. Or not, after all, people who don’t follow the law aren’t going to start following the law just because you pass a new law.

“* One gun purchase a month. This is aimed at slowing the multiple straw purchaser.”

Really? What about the guy who wants to buy one handgun and one shotgun the same day? Is he supposed to wait a whole month? It’s not a crime to buy multiple guns! We don’t penalize people for buying two knives or two hammers, why two guns? You’re a fool Stu, the last thing straw purchasers want is to create a paper trail that will lead the cops to them.

“* Increase prison time to 10 years for straw purchasers (who buy a gun to pass along to someone who can’t pass a background check).”

Sure, and then when the number of Blacks and Hispanics prisoners escalates, you liberals will be whining about how racist the system is. Why not support the Armed Citizens Project which gives free guns to people that need them such as Blacks and Hispanics in high-crime areas? Maybe if the criminals faced more armed opposition, they wouldn’t be criminals for long.

“* Lost or stolen guns must be reported, to thwart straw purchasers who may claim the guns they sold illegally were lost or stolen.”

What if the person doesn’t know he lost his gun? What if he was on vacation while they got stolen? Again, your law does nothing.

“* No “assault weapon” ban. It was tried for a decade to little effect, and the Washington Navy Yard maniac used a shotgun. In 2011, the FBI reports, shotgun homicides (356) outnumbered rifle homicides (323). Both were dwarfed by handguns (6,220), the biggest problem.”

Good, at least you don’t have your head up your ass on one issue.

“* Make carrying a gun in a crime a federal offense, 10-year mandatory, added to the sentence for the original crime.”

As if that’s going to scare criminals. Besides, not every crime is a federal crime, the last thing we need is to make the federal government even more powerful.

“* No clips with more than 15 rounds. If you can’t hit a target with 15 chances, you shouldn’t be packing. (Limiting ammo negates a “need” to ban “assault rifles.”)”

You mean tactical riffles? There’s no such thing as an “assault riffle” anymore than there are “assault hammers.” Besides, why is it any of your business how many rounds I need? If that’s going to be your attitude, I assure you there are people who think you don’t need any guns at all.

“* States must report people with mental illnesses to a federal database, as they are required to do. Most lag behind.”

Good luck! Who’s gonna want to see a shrink if he’s required to report you? Laws that make it easier for the loonies to be confined in a mental institution would be better. Besides, the kind of people that need to be confined don’t usually see a shrink.

“* Hollywood should reduce violence – in films, recordings, video games.”

The NRA actually agrees with you on that point, but I don’t. Just because millions of people enjoy violent films, recordings, and video games, doesn’t mean they commit crimes. Even people who read books about how to commit crimes (fascinating literature if you ask me) rarely if ever do the things they’re reading about. Grand Theft Auto V is just a game, Hollywood wishes their movies sold as much as GTA V. All human beings have violent impulses, law-abiding people channel them through sport and/or games. It’s good harmless fun, the so-called “studies” against violence in the culture focuses on sick individuals instead of the great majority of people that never do nothing.

“* No more “gun-free” zones. They don’t stop gunmen; they provide defenseless targets.”

True, we agree there. Too bad 99% of what you’re doing is against gun owners and the 2nd Amendment. If you don’t want gun-free zones, then join the NRA, get “America’s First Freedom,” and then you’ll see the way things really are.

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