Gun Control Isn’t Brave


The New York Times published a predictably anti-gun editorial:Europe Takes a Braver Stance on Gun Control

The European Union, to its credit, has agreed on a series of proposals for tighter gun controls as a timely response to the growing threat of terrorism and mass shootings. The proposals, which are headed toward a final vote by members next year, would extend bans on semiautomatic assault weapons to more models, institute medical checks for gun buyers, tighten sales on the internet and track the resale of guns to foil black-market dealers.

In Germany the only guns you can get with a small firearms carry permit are “gas pistols (both of the blank and irritant kind) and flare guns.” That didn’t stop the terrorists, why would any future terrorist submit himself to a medical check? And if he did, why would he tell the truth? “Yes doctor, I want to get a gun to shoot a bunch of Germans.” Terrorists are evil, not stupid.

The final compromise did not ban all of the most dangerous semiautomatic weapons, like the AK-47, as some nations wanted, nor limit ammunition magazines to 10 cartridges for all of them. But it would require member nations to share more information to prevent gun sales in other jurisdictions after a buyer is rejected by one country. The rules also aim to control the problem of guns that are pronounced deactivated as collector items but then refitted for sale as weapons.

The European move on gun safety is not a cure-all, but it is a worthy public health initiative that deserves emulation in the United States. Congressional leaders, unfortunately, show no sign of mustering the courage of the Europeans.

The AK-47 isn’t a dangerous weapon, the only dangerous weapon is a weapon that explodes in your hands. It’s the same with cars, unless it’s a vehicle that catches on fire for no reason like a Tesla, it’s all about the driver. A car with air bags isn’t safe if you drive it off a cliff. Besides, terrorists are discovering they can kill a lot more people with a heavy truck than with any gun. Think of all the jihadis with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), if the terrorists in Paris hurt hundreds with a straight truck, imagine what they could to with a tractor-trailer or semi as they are known.

Or consider the Oklahoma City Bombing, one tiny truck filled with explosives, parked next to a federal building, and McVeigh killed “168 people, including 19 young children who were in the building’s day care center at the time of the blast. More than 650 other people were injured in the bombing, which damaged or destroyed more than 300 buildings in the immediate area.”

In conclusion, an armed citizen has a better chance to survive a terrorist with a gun than a terrorist with a bomb or a truck or both. If the bad guy has a gun, you shoot him. If a bomb explodes, you won’t even know where he is, assuming you survive.


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