Game Informer Attacks NRA: Claims they Supported Racist Gun Control Laws

Besides guns, I love video games, that’s why I get Games Informer. What I wasn’t expecting to get is lies about the NRA in a review by Matt Bertz about Mafia III.


Game Informer NRA 2

Read it here:

Game Informer NRA

Excuse me? The NRA wasn’t even involved in legislation until the Gun Control Act of 1968 was proposed, back then the NRA was a social organization. Back then you could buy guns through the mail, there were no background checks, any guy good or bad could walk into a gun store and get what he wanted.

If the NRA was racist, explain this:

Williams established an all-black chapter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and used his NRA connections to procure “better rifles” and automatic weapons for his constituents.
Source: How ‘Crazy Negroes’ With Guns Helped Kill Jim Crow

The NRA did not pass a single racist gun control law, as a matter of fact, it was Southern DEMOCRATS, who passed those laws.

Even anti-gun Al Jazeera admits it:

“[Martin Luther] King, an advocate of nonviolence, wanted to legally arm himself in 1956 after his house was bombed. But despite threats to his life from the Ku Klux Klan, the police denied the civil rights leader permission to own a gun.”

If Matt Bertz wants to hate the NRA and gun owners in his free time, that’s his business. But Game Informer has EDITORS, and they have to check for the TRUTH. Defaming the NRA with dirty lies that have no bases in reality is unacceptable.

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