The Frisky: Don’t Get Guns Because Rapes In Dark Streets Are Rare


Dana Loesch “Freedom’s Safest Place” NRA Ad is pissing off feminists. Karen Fratti of The Frisky writes:

First of all, the set up of the ad seems to imply that most rapes occur in on a dark street, with an intruder sneaking up on a women and attacking her, and therefore it would be easy (or something) for a women to simply pull a trigger. But that’s not true. Most rapes, in fact 43 percent of them, are perpetrated by a friend or acquaintance, and 27 percent are perpetrated by a spouse or significant other, according to anti-sexual violence organization RAINN. Also, if you’re in possession of a firearm when attacked, you are four times more likely to be shot during the assault.

Sure, because women never ever get raped in parks, oh wait, they do:

Woman raped in Lincoln Park public restroom

Woman, 26, raped by entrance to Queen’s Park, Brighton, as she walked alone

Woman raped at knife-point in Balboa Park

Remember the Central Park Jogger? That’s a classic:

“Shortly after 9 p.m. on April 19, 1989, a young woman, out for her run in New York’s Central Park, was bludgeoned, raped, sodomized, and beaten so savagely that doctors despaired for her life and a horrified nation cried out in pain and outrage.”

By the way, the “four times more likely to get shot” study was based on this sample:

“We enrolled 677 case participants that had been shot in an assault and 684 population-based control participants within Philadelphia, PA, from 2003 to 2006.”
Read More:

And virtually all of them were gang members, drug users, and other problem people. If I did a study about liberals and only concentrated on liberals in prisons and mental institutions, even conservatives would laugh at me. And yet millions of gun owners are judged on the experiences of 677 people.


“Guns do not make women safer, especially if they are being abused or assaulted in their homes by people they know.”
Source: Idem

Oh really?

Arizona Woman Shoots, Kills Domestic Violence Abuser

He Abused Her for Years. She Shot Him. France Asks: Is It Self-Defense?

Woman shoots, kills husband in alleged domestic abuse incident 


“It’s just not true that being armed means you are safe. The ad also totally ignores changing rape culture, which is far from an “empowered” stance on the issue. Instead of saying we need to teach young men (and old ones, too) to not rape or abuse women, the NRA and Loesch think putting a gun in every handbag is a quicker solution. But violence begets violence — that’s just the fucking way it is. The ad also treats rape as if it something to be expected and something that can be handled in an instant: rapist pulls up, woman shoots, and then she carries on with her life. Like there are no emotional consequences to being attacked or for shooting someone at close range while they attack you.”
Source: Idem

So let’s see if we understand. Instead of teaching women to shoot rapists, we should teach men to start raping. How exactly do we do that? Should we teach pedophiles to stop molesting children, peeping toms to stop peeping, burglars to stop burgling, check forgers to stop forging? Are these people for real?

As for violence begetting violence, what violence can a dead rapist do? Even if he lives, he’s going to jail and there he’s going to experience far more violence than what he tried to inflict on the victim. Jail is hell for rapists and child molesters, ask any prison guard, these people often end up in protective custody.

As for the “emotional consequences,” cry me a river, I’m sure most women would rather shoot a rapist than live with the emotional consequences of being raped.

Real empowerment, Loesch, is taking care of women by working to change rape culture and prosecuting rapists. Not giving women guns.

Sure, and the way to stop arson is by stopping Arson Culture. So remove your smoke detectors, throw away your fire extinguishers, and make your entire home flammable.

Lastly, the only program that gives people guns is the Armed Citizen Project, and they’ve only given shotguns in a few cities.

The fact is, we’re not giving women anything, we’re only encouraging them to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. That’s why gun ranges are offering Ladies Nights, why there are gun magazines and websites for female gun aficionados.

Women have a choice, you can try to stop “rape culture,” or you can shoot the rapist. What will it be?




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