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Welcome, 2017! It’s a brand new year, and honestly, we’re all probably hoping this one is a little kinder to us than 2016 was. But that’s the thing about new years – you never know what they’ll bring, so it’s important to start off as prepared as you can be.

You probably have some big plans for this year – maybe they include going back to school, or getting into better shape, or undertaking a major home improvement project, or eating more healthily, or spending more quality time with your family and friends, or finding a better organizational system to use at work or at home. Whatever you have planned, it’s best to get a jump on it right away, while the year is fresh and so is your motivation, because as we all know, unfortunately, the best laid plans oft go astray!

As you’re taking stock of the various aspects of your life this January, be sure to consider how well you’ve secured the valuables you keep in your home. These items may include guns, jewelry, important papers, cash, or anything else that would be a huge burden to replace if they were stolen or destroyed in a fire. What steps have you taken to protect them? Are they safe enough? Are they really?

If you can’t honestly answer yes, it’s probably time to consider purchasing in a hidden gun safe bench from Forgesafe. These beautiful pieces of furniture will hide and protect all your valuable items while adding class and elegance to any room in your home. Honestly, it’s probably the best investment you’ll make all year. Our dual-purpose products have helped many a happy customer by keeping valuables safe during house fires and other disasters while allowing quick access to the safes’ contents during other types of emergencies.

With the half-inch-plus-thick steel design of the safe and other safety features like steel locking bolts, pry-resistant door jamb, and digital combination lock, gun safes from Forgesafe offer the finest methods of protecting your important possessions. And with over thirty beautiful fine leather choices, in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures, Forgesafe’s benches provide you with handcrafted, stylish furniture.

Whatever else you have planned for 2017, make a resolution to contact Forgesafe for an estimate for your very own hidden gun safe bench! Do it now, while the new year and your motivation are fresh!

Learn more at or e-mail SALES@FORGESAFEUSA.COM

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