Facebook Discriminates Against Gun Store.

A Bakersfield gun store tried to advertise on Facebook, the ad didn’t feature any guns, just the stars of Duck Dynasty, but that didn’t stop them from getting banned.

“No weapons, but just minutes after Thome posted the picture Facebook pulled the ad.

“Right before I posted it I thought okay there’s nothing offensive that I know unless people just don’t like people with beards, but there are two guys holding duck calls. One looks like a cigar, but it’s actually a duck call and I’m thinking what’s offensive?”

Thome was using the picture to promote the store’s Duck Dynasty products.

“All I said was I had my slogan up there that said we’ll see ya at the bear.”

Source: http://www.turnto23.com/news/local-news/facebook-removes-local-gun-store-owners-ad-that-features-stars-of-duck-dynasty

Really? If Facebook hasn’t noticed, Duck Dynasty products are being sold everywhere.

“But Facebook said the ad violated its guidelines by advertising the sale of weapons and this isn’t the first time Thome has been targeted by the social networking site.

Last August Thome posted a picture of hunting decoy and that too was banned for being “offensive.”


“As far as I know nothing we do would be considered bad. Maybe someone doesn’t like hunters or people with beards I really don’t know. I’m confused.”

Thome told 23ABC he wasn’t charged for the ad this time, but he believes his account has been blacklisted.”
Source: Idem

The irony is that Zuckerberg was a hunter himself, at least for a little while:

The only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself,” says the Facebook founder and CEO. It’s an odd dietary direction for the 27-year-old Internet billionaire, but since he has taken to killing goats, pigs and chickens, “I’m eating a lot healthier foods. And I’ve learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals,” he says. “It’s easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day.” Zuckerberg’s new goal came to light, not surprisingly, on Facebook. On May 4, Zuckerberg posted a note to the 847 friends on his private page: “I just killed a pig and a goat.”

Source: http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-notes/2011/05/mark-zuckerberg-kills-his-own-meat-wants-hunt

So what gives, Zuck? You want Facebook to be a “social media” yet you allow your Gestapo banners to act like a bunch of anti-socials? What’s the deal? Is the money from hunters, gun owners, Second Amendment supporters and Red State Americans not green enough for you?

Drop the pretense! If you want Facebook to be only for liberals, then say so! This is exactly what I hate about liberals, most of them are too cowardly to tell it like it is.

Frankly, I think this is BS. Who isn’t on Facebook this day? The NRA is, every gun company is, Republicans are, you don’t mind taking our money when we click on ads on Facebook, yet you, Mr. Supporter of Small Business, allow this to happen to some business owner trying to make a living selling his wares? Really?


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  1. I think it might be copyright infringement their worried about not the fact that it’s a gun store, but of course that’s bull in the long run as everyone has a stolen picture or two on their account so they should just let it go in the interest of freedom and stop playing legal Nanny

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