Duck Dynasty might be moving to a Christian network

Some interesting rumors from Newsbusters:

The war between Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and A&E might not be over.

According to a report at the Daily Mail, the Robertson patriarch is looking into ways to move the hit program about his family to “a Christian channel more in keeping with his views.”

This allegedly involves Robertson setting up his own TV production company to create the series which would then be aired on a religious channel such as Trinity Broadcast Corporation or Christian Television Network.

For those unfamiliar, a report in 2010 claimed TBN to be accessible by almost 41 percent of the nation’s 115 million TV homes. Believe it or not, that’s more than ABC, CBS, and NBC.

By contrast, the smaller CTN has far less reach.

But it may not be so simple as contracts the entire family signed could prevent it:

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I don’t blame him, even if my views about sex are very different from those of Phil, I support him and his viewers. I’m glad he’s back at A&E, but that company should have apologized to Phil and instead gave a sort of non-apology apology.



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