2 Responses to Do you have #Glockcoma?

  1. Exactly, how or where can one get t-shirts and/or signs with the funny gun meme, “GlockComa” for only personal usage.

    • You’re unlikely to get one because Glock is a trademark, so if you tried to sell it on Teespring, Glock would probably tell them to pull them.

      It’s like baking a cake with Mickey Mouse, Disney doesn’t like that.

      However, you could take the design and hire someone on Fiverr to do something ased on it, then you could probably use teespring or another print on demand company to create a t-shirt just for yourself.

      P.S. My experience selling t-shirts is that you need a lot of luck and great marketing. Even when people say they like a t-shirt, that doesn’t mean they’ll buy it.

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