Democrat Shoots TV In Political Ad

It’s not easy running for office when you’re a Democrat in Montana, and if you see this ad, you won’t know Rob Quist is a Democrat.

Nice ad, but there’s one little problem:

The “millionaire” is Greg Gianforte, Quist’s Republican opponent, who settled in Bozeman 24 years ago but who Democrats have portrayed as an out-of-touch interloper. (This was effective in 2016, when Gianforte lost a bid for governor.)

Another little problem is that the NRA endorsed the so-called “interloper.”

“Mr. Gianforte has a true commitment to the protection of our constitutional rights,” said NRA-PFV Chairman Chris W. Cox. “His opposition to the banning of lawfully-owned firearms, magazines, and ammunition as well as his support for national concealed carry reciprocity legislation makes Mr. Gianforte an ideal representative for the people of Montana.”

I think it’s better to keep the Gianforte we know than the Quist we don’t. Montana needs a congressman who’s not going to bend over when the anti-gun lobby comes calling.



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