Crazies getting guns in California.

We’re always telling liberals that gun control doesn’t work, once again we have been proven right.

Mentally ill people are not allowed to buy guns in California. But Barbara says her son was able to buy several of them, including at least one semi-automatic rifle, from a gun store in Sacramento

That means that despite background checks meant to prevent mentally ill people from buying guns, many are still able to do so.

That’s something that shocks even gun advocates.

“If they are not doing that in a timely matter, then that is severe negligence,” said Jay Jacobson. He owns a rifle factory in Morgan Hill and says that kind of poor bookkeeping would shut his place down.


So what about Barbara’s son? He was hospitalized following the swat team incident, but is out now and no longer owns a gun. His mother, who is an active member of the Marin Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, ( ) hopes the state will take action to make sure her son can never buy a gun again.



The State took action, they sent the SWAT team and your son didn’t die. Here’s how I see if, if you’re dangerous to yourself or others, then yes, you belong in a mental institution. But if you’re not in the loony bin, we can assume you aren’t dangerous.

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