Conservatives have reason to hate Common Core.

I haven’t paid much attention to the common core debate, liberals hate it, but now conservatives also have reason to hate it:

Do the Common Core State Standards promote an anti-gun agenda? That’s what the Tennessee Firearms Association apparently thinks.


The nonprofit pro-gun group sent out an email last week calling for legislators to stop or delay the implementation of the new policy, which lays out a set of education benchmarks designed to emphasize critical thinking and deeper learning, and which has been adopted in 45 states and the District of Columbia. According to a written statement, the Firearms association takes issue with the way the new standards represent the Second Amendment.


“We are already seeing textbooks and teaching assignments that are a part of Common Core intentionally or recklessly misrepresenting the Second Amendment in schools across the country,” John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, said in the email. “And we want to insure [sic] that the liberal anti-gun agenda is not allowed to invade Tennessee schools.”


So what’s so offensive about it?

TheBlaze has learned that a high school in Simpsonville, S.C., is supposedly using another textbook that includes a disputable definition of the Second Amendment.

“The Second and Third Amendments — grant citizens the right to bear arms as members of a militia of citizen-soldiers and prevent the government from housing troops in private homes in peacetime,” the book’s summary reads. In a separate box on the same page it paraphrases the amendment as “the right to bear arms,” not the right to “keep” and bear arms.

See? Another reason to support State’s Rights. Curse be the day Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education and all the trouble it has brought.

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