Concealed-Carry Instructors are Cashing-In.

It’s a good time to be a concealed-carry instructor in Illinois. In July, Illinois became the last state in the U.S. to make it legal to carry concealed firearms. With estimates of 400,000 applying for permits in the first year, the rush has already been felt by instructors such as George Fleming.

As well as holding a valid Firearms Owner’s Identification Card, “carry” applicants are required under the new law to undergo 16 hours of training, the most in the nation. However, gun owners with previous training approved by state police or military veterans can skip the first eight hours, which covers basic marksmanship principles, safety, gun handling and maintenance.


The second eight-hour course is required if someone plans to apply for a concealed-carry permit by Jan. 5, when state police have said applications will be available. That class will consist of state and federal carry laws, including where people can and cannot carry a weapon, how to interact with law enforcement and when, why and how to use lethal force.

The cost of the classes will vary from instructor to instructor, with prices for each eight-hour course ranging from $100 to $200, in addition to possible range fees. Not included is the $150 fee for the concealed-carry permit itself. The fee for out-of-state applicants is $300.



Even though the requirements are excessive compared to Tennessee (10-hour class here), they’re a breeze compared to New York City.

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