Colion Noir making us look bad?


I hate it when we fight among ourselves, but here it goes. Colion shared the following story on Facebook:

Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir)
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A car full of goons circled me and my car slowly as I pumped gas trying to size me up. I have no doubt if it were a little later and the cop didn’t happen to walk out of the gas station store one of them would have hopped out of the car to rob me.

I was nervous, but I was more angry. I was minding my own business and just like that, my whole life could have changed. Four guys vs me and my Glock 26 and a spare mag. What if the cop never came out. What if I only had seven rounds.

I looked at them the entire time without a flinch, but they weren’t scared of me, as far as they knew I was out numbered. They had no clue I had a Glock 26 with a spare mag in my pocket, along with a bag containing an HK USP with three 18 round magazines in the front seat ready to go. That was my only advantage against four dudes in a car looking for trouble. Yet, they want to create more laws that make it harder for me to defend myself in that situation if it had reached a climax.

In that moment, I have to consider when is it justified to pull my gun, what’s behind the target, do I try to escape or stand my ground, etc, etc, all they have to think about is start trouble or not start trouble, and they want to make it harder for ppl in similar situations ‪#‎smh‬ Gun control is so damn stupid.

If you can, always carry, you can’t choose the moments, they choose you.



This is what some guy replied

Well, I’m not going to speak for Colion, but I will say this. Every gun owner makes decisions INDIVIDUALLY, not collectively. We choose our weapon, carrying method, magazine(s), based on individual needs.

If we tell other people about it, it’s because we’re proud. Colion has become a public figure, I assume he has many enemies, gets death threats, and has chosen to carry and keep what’s best for him.

Why 18 round magazines? I don’t know, maybe he likes going to the gun range and speed-fire 54 rounds, maybe he wants to be prepared if a gang of 10 or more attacks him. It’s a personal choice. One thing I don’t like about my new Beretta Nano is that the magazine only has room for 12 bullets. My Smith & Wesson has room for 16.

Either way, I would ask gun owners not to judge men who have done nothing wrong. It’s not wrong to carry 3 magazines, 1 magazine, or an 1868 Colt Revolver muzzle-loader if that’s your thing.

As for him giving us “bad rep,” are you kidding me? They used to say the same thing about Charlton Heston yet look at how much the NRA grew during his term. The problem with moderates is that they’re always afraid, always terrified of offending some bogeyman that hates them no matter what they do.

Colion is hip, cool, well-educated (has a law degree), makes fantastic videos, argues like few… We couldn’t have invented Colion if we wanted to.





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