Colion Noir is looking for a few good Gun Carriers


If you’re not shy, Mr. Noir will let you show his huge audience how you carry your gun.

1. Email a picture of how you’re carrying to

2. Name the gun and caliber, along with any other information you care to share that can be seen in the picture (holster, belt,watch, phone, purse, clothes, shoes, etc). ** Include link if you have one HERE IS AN ex.—–> LINK

3.I don’t care how you carry. If it’s inside the waist band, outside, purse, appendix, shoulder holster, I don’t care.

4. You don’t have to show your face, just make sure the picture is clear and you’re proud of it. I will leave the comment section open for people to comment. I will monitor the comments for trolls and overtly rude comments.

That’s it. So visit:

and Be Bold, Be Courageous, make Giffords pee her pants


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