Chinese Making Homemade Firearms


Private gun ownership is banned in China, shotguns and rifles are only allowed for restricted and highly controlled hunting. But this doesn’t stop people from doing what they want.

Nevertheless, the Chinese have proven very adept at making homemade
firearms that can be quite lethal, and such guns have been identified in
more high profile crimes, notably in Xinjiang province. On Aug. 4, 2008, a
Uighur attack on police in Xinjiang involved the use of homemade firearms
by ill-equipped separatists. Homemade guns are not just confined to
Xinjiang; news reports in China note a proliferation of both homemade and
fake guns on the market, brought on by the economic crisis.

In addition to homemade guns, standard handguns have also become more
frequently used in random crime throughout the country, suggesting an
increase in gun trafficking and lax control at official gun factories.
Chinese organized crime, namely the Triads, have been known to deal in
weapons smuggling, but generally it is for internal distribution  not for sale to the public.
Source: Wikileaks

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