Chicago Sheriff Now Carrying Gun.


It’s good to be the king, or a Sheriff in Cook County, authority figures can get a gun anytime.

Sheriff Dart Now Carrying Gun, After Death Threats

December 25, 2013 12:28 PM


(CBS) – It is not unusual for a sheriff to be carrying a gun.  In fact, it would be expected in some places.

Thomas J. “Tom” Dart is the current Sheriff of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, which is the second largest such department in the United States after Los Angeles. Wikipedia
Party: Democratic Party

But when Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart recently started carrying one on his belt, it was a bit unusual. So WBBM’s Mike Krauser asked him about it.

Dart – a former state lawmaker known for policy as much as anything else — said he’s been getting some unwanted attention, unfortunately.

The sheriff has had his life threatened.

“It’s been impressed upon me that I have five little kids, and I need to be around a bit,” Dart says. “So, I can’t just cavalierly just blow everything off.”

“It’s a little bit of a wake-up call, unfortunately,” he added. “I have no delusions of my abilities.”

The gun goes with the job, he says.

The gun goes with ANY job, Sheriff. If you’re a kindergarten teacher, a cook, a waiter, a lawyer, a judge, a plumber, a sex worker or a construction worker going down a manhole, it’s your RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

Too bad other Chicagoans can’t get a gun as easily as you can. Too bad they have to worry about gun-free zones and gun-free workplaces. I guess Sheriff Dart is a Big Shot, if his sacred and ultra-special life is threatened, gun control be dammed, let the man carry a gun.

I support you, Mr. Dart, I hope you support the rest of us by joining the NRA. Otherwise, get rid of that gun.

8 Responses to Chicago Sheriff Now Carrying Gun.

  1. He should be made to go through what the peasants of Illinois go through when they receive threats against their lives. Especially if he hasn’t carried a gun prior to that.

  2. I am sorry he and or his family are getting threats. That is uncalled for. I don’t agree with his politics nor him being threatened. Two wrongs…

    • That’s a great point, I imagine cops sometimes have to deal with released convicts looking for revenge. I fully support you, as I support any law-abiding person that wishes to KBA.

  3. A sheriff that doesn’t carry a gun? Not very bright, is he? At least he came to his senses, but unfortunately, I’d bet that his political beliefs haven’t changed – only his personal ones. He probably still thinks that citizens should not be allowed to carry a firearm for personal protection.

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