Chapter 2: Promoting 2nd Amendment to Liberals/Centrists

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Selling the Second Amendment

What do Jared Lee Loughner, Maj. Nidal Hassan, Seung-Hui Cho, Wade Michael Page, James Holmes, Christopher Dorner, and Adam Lanza have in common? Besides being mass murderers, they’re registered Democrats. In the case of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, they were too young to vote but both their families were registered Democrats.

So the next time some liberal tells you that our “right-wing” culture creates gun massacres, go ahead and quote them this list. Of course, most progressive liberal democrats are not going to engage in mass shootings, but when they support laws that keep our public spaces gun-free, they are enabling massacres even if that’s the last thing they want.

Liberals are more likely to support legalizing drugs than legalizing guns, they’re the first ones to tell you that the government is wasting billions in a failed drug war, that it’s easier for teens to buy marijuana illegally than booze legally, that the government has no business with what you put in your body (unless you smoke or eat trans fats), that partial-birth abortions are perfectly fine. Yet when it comes to guns, they either want to ban them or control them or both.


Consider the words of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto during World War Two: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”  See? You don’t have to join the military to become a soldier, if you own a gun; you are a soldier that protects yourself and others. Even if you weigh 300 pounds and can barely move, your bullets will travel faster than the fastest runner at the Olympics. You will be more powerful than the strongest man in the world. Admiral Yamamoto was no constitutional scholar or expert on gun rights, but he had enough common sense to understand that millions of civilians with guns are nothing to laugh at.

Liberals on the other hand are more likely to be afraid of individuals than the government. Notice how they complain about “too many stupid people.” This isn’t new, George Bernard Shaw was a huge advocate of eugenics, he even wanted people to justify their existence once a year and if they could not prove how useful they were to society, they should be executed with a compassionate gas.

Ask the liberals this, if they want people protected from stupid choices and stupid people, why not ban tattoos? Why not put fat people in concentration camps until they lose weight? Or if that’s too harsh, why not have make them get a permit and wait 48-hours before having cheeseburger? I doubt liberals would like that, yet most of them fail to support freedom unless it’s for something they like.

Liberals believe more guns means more crimes. In their world, anyone who owns a gun has the potential of becoming a criminal. Call me crazy, but I saw the movie Psycho and I don’t think every man that owns a kitchen knife has the potential of killing a beautiful woman in the shower. Besides, how many criminals do you know that get fingerprinted when they buy a gun? Smart criminals prefer “clean guns,” why would you commit a crime with a gun that can be traced back to you?

Criminals buy guns and almost anything else they want on the black market. Criminals will always have guns even if the government bans guns. Even in Japan the Japanese Mafia or Yakuza manage to get pretty much any weapon they want, of course, their crime rate is lower than us because they have a monolithic culture based on respect for the law and shame over unseemly behavior. We are not Japan, we are multicultural and messy, with people from all backgrounds and lifestyles, and our survival depends on self-reliance, not respect for authority.


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