The NRA Targets Latinos

Former Olympic pistol-shooter Gabby Franco looks directly into the camera and says: “The government took our guns…the biggest mistake Venezuelans made was believing that this would never happen.” The 35-year-old Venezuelan-American, who came to the U.S. when she was 21 years old, is part of the National Rifle Association’s newest national ad campaign called “Freedom’s […]

LaPierre Praises Liberty University

Liberty University is a Christian school, that means you can’t smoke, can’t engage in pre-marital sex, can’t do many things, but here’s one thing you can do. National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre on Wednesday praised Liberty University for a recent decision allowing eligible students to carry concealed handguns […]

Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight

Want to hide your guns and celebrate your American/Confederate Pride? Check out Chunky Shelves. It’s not just a flag, look at the secret compartment. “This item includes 2” Kaizen high desity gun foam that is easily customizable to fit your particular sidearm. “ The confederate flag has even more room! They also have a Gadsen […]

Gun Chase Directory Review

From Advertising to Training, Gun Chase Directory has a lot of listings for gun owners in many categories. They also have a business spotlight section, right now is being highlighted for providing free targets. If you’re a competitive shooter, you might want to check out the National 3-Gun Association competition. There’s also great stuff […]

Canadians turn to ArmsTrader after Facebook Gun Ban

What do you do when you want to buy a gun from an individual and not a gun store? Where do you go when Facebook limits you? Canadians are turning to, the Armslist of Canada. In response to Facebook’s recent ban of firearm sales on it’s site, a new Canadian firearms website similar to […]