Self-Defense with Crossbows

When you think of crossbows, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It probably isn’t self defense, instead it’s probably sports shooting or hunting. But for those rare few, that use crossbows as personal self defense, it’s an excellent way to protect yourself effectively and efficiently. Lets back up a little though. For all […]

Man Stabs Three With Machete in Brooklyn

This could have been a story of armed self-defense, machete-wielding maniac gets shot, instead, it’s a story of gun control protecting criminals. A machete wielding madman stabbed three men outside of a Brooklyn catering hall, cops said. The men were arguing outside of the Africa House Banquet and Catering hall in Flatbush around 2:40 a.m. […]

Holsters for Running

It’s bee season in Tennessee, and today I got scared, ran, and my gun fell from the holster. Luckily, nobody saw me and the gun didn’t fire even though there was a round in the chamber. So here are a few alternatives if you’re going to run with your gun- whether it’s jogging or running […]

Australian Father wants Fists Treated Like Weapons

  Bashing victim’s dad wants expanded one-punch laws By Russell Varley The father of a man who suffered severe brain damage after he was punched and fell to the ground on the Gold Coast almost five years ago says one-punch laws should be expanded.Sam Ford suffered the injury after the incident at Coolangatta in 2009. […]

Giffords and Clintons Strengten Ties

The event wasn’t gun-rights related, but keep in mind that Hillary wants to be president, so judge her by the company she keeps. PHOENIX — A community service project that aims to convert vacant lots in Phoenix into urban gardens and community space for public use is drawing some high-profile volunteers — Bill and Chelsea […]