Armed Robbery Is Hard When Your Target Is Armed

Tacoma, Washington may be a liberal city in an ultra-liberal State, but because citizens still have 2nd Amendment rights, this happened: A shooting at a Frisko Freeze in Tacoma, Washington left an armed robber dead thanks to a man with a concealed carry handgun. According to KIRO, two men were sitting in a car in […]

AR-15 Uppers from Mid State Firearms

Mid States Firearms has a big collection of gun paraphernalia, including 435 AR-15 Upper Receivers (5.66/223, 300 blackout, 7.62×39, 9mm, 6.5 Grendel), optics, tools, t-shirts, and AR-15 Build Kits. Right now you can buy an Ar15 M16 Armorer’s Combo Wrench for $17.99 (a $29.99 value). This is a handy tool for assembly and disassembly of […]

Gun-Free Zones Don’t Keep Guns Away

A lot of movie theater chains have posted that odious “Gun-Free Zone” sign outside. As you can see here, it didn’t stop a patron from pulling out his gun recklessly. Police in Kentucky are recommending charges against an Illinois man accused of pulling a gun out at a movie theater. It happened at the Cinemark […]

County prison counselor trades guns for crack

Statists love telling us we can’t be trusted with guns, and yet a man that the State trusted to work with criminals with the assumption that he wouldn’t become a criminal, became a criminal. SCRANTON — When Louis Elmy could no longer afford paying for crack cocaine, the former county prison counselor traded off his […]

Matt Damon Hates Guns. Lena Dunham Hates Gun Ads.

Sometimes gun haters collide, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lena Dunham supports some Instagram liberal known as tulipbone, who is “so tired of guns” he/she/it feels the need to deface them online. If anyone has access to the original Jason Bourne billboard, let me know. Clearly, this is not the best Gun ad I have […]