Troysgate Shoot House

  Troysgate Shoot House in Lenoir, SC is one of the most amazing and realistic gun training possible. Troysgate’s Weapons Firing Range System and Apparatus Employing Reflected Imagery is patented comprising products and methods, referred to as the Troysgate Theater, provide a safe and controlled live-fire environment that serve as the stage and backdrop for […]

5 Great Airsoft Pistol for Firearm Training

Yes, it is possible for you to use the airsoft pistols for firearm training. There are a number of pistols, which have the design, functionality, and feel of a real gun. Whenever you are learning to use the gun, you would know how to hold it, fire and even reload with ease when using the […]

Black Guns Matter In Jacksonville

If you’re black and interested in guns, this event is for you! Below is the story where I found the flyer JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Maj Toure is on a quest to make a difference. As a hip hop artist, he’s traveled the country and seen a lot – so, in 2015, he started a movement […]

Tomi Lahren Didn’t Deserve To Get Suspended

Image Source: Guns Blazing: 20 Questions with TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren Usually we expect liberals to eat their own, a good example is how liberal Juan Williams got fired from NPR. But now,  “conservative” Glenn Beck has decided to act like a liberal by suspend Tomi Lahren just because she’s not 100% pro-life. This is the […]

Stephanie Clayton: Gun-Hating RINO

College campuses are cesspools of liberals, which is why stopping them from infringing upon our 2nd Amendment rights is crucial. As efforts in the Kansas Legislature to stop a law allowing concealed handguns on college campuses have stalled, a new bill in front of lawmakers would add another layer to the law. Under HB 2220, […]

Rifle or Rimfire Scope Basics: Must Read Guide for Beginners

Rifle or Rimfire Scope Basics: Must Read Guide for Beginners As I have mentioned before, my personal opinion is that if I would invest $500 in a rifle, I would invest $500 in a scope too. I cannot state enough the importance of invest in a best rimfire scope for you gun. If your plan […]

Everytown For Gun Safety Places Fake Ads On Armslist

Everytown for Gun Safety loves creating propaganda for their anti-gun initiatives. Everytown For Gun Safety wanted to prove that people who couldn’t pass a criminal background check required for gun purchases from licensed dealers were skirting the regulation by buying guns online. So in September, the group began placing phony ads for firearms, most of […]

Springfield M1A Scout Squad Rifle: An American Classic Lives On

This article was originally published here. I picked up a Scout Squad with my eye on making a DMR. Most of you probably already know but for those who don’t, let’s define a DMR. Wikipedia explains the Designated Marksman’s tool like this: “The Designated Marksman Rifle is the weapon used by soldiers in the designated […]

Motley Fool On Gun Investments

Because Trump wants to reverse Obama’s anti-gun executive orders, gun ownership is likely to increase, and gun silencer purchases are likely to explode.   While all of these laws may have an effect on the gun industry, it’s this last one that might have the most visible effect on publicly traded gun businesses. American Outdoor […]