Guns in Dollar Shave Club Ad

Dollar Shave Club created One Wipe Charlies,  they did something most companies don’t do- they used guns in their advertising.   If you don’t have 2 minutes, here’s what you’re waiting for: Yes, he’s violating every rule of gun safety. but this is HUMOR, so it’s allowed.  Think One Wipe Charlies are weird? Check out:  […]

Obama vs. Zombies and other gun games

Bored at home? Broke? has a lot of free gun-games (they pay their bills with advertising). Obama vs. Zombies looks like this: In reality, Obama would probably apologize to the zombies and blame America. So let’s look at other games they have.   Warface starts with this awesome screen. You can even go to the […]

Packing While Biking: Bicycle Gun Holder

When you think “gun holder,” you may think this: Or this: But here’s a product I can’t find anywhere: Source:   The Truth About Guns wrote a lot about bicycle gun carry.   Here’s what I think:   NO!   YES!   Source: Gun Racks Ain’t Just for Pickup Trucks Anymore    Always point […]

Comrades! Suppress Your Shotgun with Saiga

Do your duty to the Motherland! Save your hearing for Stalin’s speeches. LOL SilencerCo is launching the new part with a cheeky bit of “found footage,” with an ad in the style of archived Soviet-era propaganda. It’s definitely worth watching. … “Utilizing existing choke tube threading, the Salvo 12 was introduced by SilencerCo in 2014 […]