County prison counselor trades guns for crack

Statists love telling us we can’t be trusted with guns, and yet a man that the State trusted to work with criminals with the assumption that he wouldn’t become a criminal, became a criminal. SCRANTON — When Louis Elmy could no longer afford paying for crack cocaine, the former county prison counselor traded off his […]

Matt Damon Hates Guns. Lena Dunham Hates Gun Ads.

Sometimes gun haters collide, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lena Dunham supports some Instagram liberal known as tulipbone, who is “so tired of guns” he/she/it feels the need to deface them online. If anyone has access to the original Jason Bourne billboard, let me know. Clearly, this is not the best Gun ad I have […]

Facebook Wants To Unpublish Me

Sometimes I comment as STSA, and this gets me into trouble. And what was my crime? Did I posted naked pictures of me? Nope! This comment got me into trouble. What exactly was offensive about this? I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen posts full of hate that don’t get removed. Besides, what is hate anyway? And […]

Walmart and Friendly Firearms Sued Over White Supremacist Buying Guns

This lawsuit is insane, OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The family of one of the victims of the shooting at the Jewish Community wants to send a message with a lawsuit: Keep guns out of the hands of felons. Jim LaManno and his children are suing Wal-Mart and a gun dealer, among others, accusing them of negligence. […]

How Gun Haters Peddle Fear

The anti-gun website The Trace is filling nostalgic, they decided to share these classics of anti-gun propaganda. I share them here so we can learn from our enemies. Our adversaries say we peddle fear, but that’s not the case. We present a problem and provide a solution. If a woman fears a rapist, she buys […]

95% of New Zealand Guns Are Untraceable

Sometimes anti-gunners admit the truth. In this opinion piece, the editor admits gun control does not work. The guns that criminals possess can be divided into three categories, namely, standard types of rifles and shotguns, pistols, and military style semi-automatic firearms (MSSAs) which possess magazines that can hold in excess of seven cartridges. The British […]

Is the Secret Service Above The Second Amendment?

44,000 people signed a petition demanding guns at the GOP convention. Apparently, only the Secret Service will get to carry: The Secret Service says there will be no firearms at the Republican National Convention this summer, no matter how many people try to make it happen. In a statement emailed to POLITICO, a spokesman for […]

RINO Toomey Pushes Gun Control

Toomey doesn’t realize that in the age of the Internet, he can’t hide. If you do an anti-gun ad somewhere, it will be reported everywhere. Senator Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is running a pro-gun control ad in hopes of attracting Democrat voters in the buildup to Pennsylvania’s April 26 Primary. According to the Associated Press, […]

Baker Is Anti-Trump and Anti-Gun

When Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker decided to join the #NeverTrump parade, I decided to investigate him and see if he’s also anti-gun. Here’s what I found:   Left of Obama! Told the Boston Globe that he is “to the left of Obama” on social issues. Gun control: Has stated that he supports tough gun […]