Cardboard Gun Scares People


See this veteran holding a cardboard gun? Liberals freaked out and called 911.


The cardboard sign was shaped like an AR-15, and people “called the cops reporting a man with a fake rifle.”

According to 10 News, the veteran, going by the name Von, said people also drove by and flipped him the bird. He said others rolled down their car windows and yelled “some type of obscenity” at him.

The police asked Von to find another means of advertising for the store, but he told them no. He said the request to put away a cardboard poster of a gun “was a slap in the face as a veteran.” He added that he remembers his fellow Marines dying for freedom–which includes the right to keep and bear arms–and he misses them.


I get that the cops don’t want to waste their time with stupid 911 calls. However, they should educate the callers, perhaps threaten them with the consequences of placing a non-emergency 911 call.

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