Buyback Guns turned into Rebar in California

In Georgia all the guns that are given or taken by the police must be sold in gun auctions to FFL dealers. This isn’t Georgia.

— Thousands of weapons collected through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s “Gift for Guns” program have been melted down into rebar at a steel mill.

Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff John Scott displayed some 5,000 surrendered weapons at a press conference before Wednesday’s meltdown.

The weapons were then added to molten steel at the Gerdau Steel Mill in Rancho Cucamonga.

Under “Gift For Guns,” residents received gift cards worth up to $200 for guns surrendered anonymously to deputies.

The sheriff must be real proud of himself. Instead of fighting crime, he’s posing for pictures with like a big shot Hollywood actor. “Look at me, I’m a big bad ass sheriff.” I expect that kind of nonsense from Britney Spears. Pathetic. Real cops fight crime, real cops arrest criminals, real cops would object to participating in PR events that have nothing to do with thier real jobs.

California deserves all the crime they get. I doubt MS-13 surrendered their guns.

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