Brilliant Pro-Gun Magazine Ad.

Brilliant Pro-Gun Magazine Ad.

Love it! A beautiful black background with a sexy hand with red nails holding a firearm. It is indeed a “Ladies’ Home Companion.” Of course, since more women are getting concealed carry permits, let’s call it “Ladies’ Best Friend” or “Ladies’ Knight in Shining Armor.” Well done,

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  1. Good Job Greg; Just found your site from the plug on gun Watch, I’ve also been a fan of JR’s for quite a while. Enjoyed hearing your perspective and the knowledge that you bring to the fight, and a fight it is. One little quibble, the add above is from FN not Smith & Wesson, just picked one up last month! CJ

    • Thanks Chris, I just fixed that, and thanks for visiting the blog. I will try to update it everyday. I hope I don’t run out of pro-gun ads and memes.

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