Bloomberg’s MAIG goes after

Bloomberg is the fuhrer of NYC, yet he fancies himself America’s Head Nazi in Charge.

Hundreds of high-volume gun sellers are moving arms online without conducting proper background checks on purchasers, according to an investigation conducted by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg held a news conference Thursday to announce the findings of the investigation, which focused on the popular gun retail website

The study concluded that nearly one-in-three gun ads on the website are posted by high-volume sellers, who are selling more than 34 firearms a year without a license, despite federal legislation that requires anyone “engaged in the business” of selling guns to obtain a Federal Firearms License. At this rate, these unlicensed sellers would transfer more than 243,800 guns each year, many in violation of federal law, he said.


Wrong Bloomberg, Federal Law only applies when you cross State-lines, they can regulate interstate commerce, they’re not supposed to regulate State commerce. To Alabamians going online to buy/sell a gun are not committing a crime.

“On December 14th, we will mark a very somber anniversary and pause to remember what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School one year ago,” Bloomberg said. “Our report shows much more clearly needs to be done to prevent unlicensed sellers of firearms from illegally flooding the Internet with weapons and the result is a massive online, unregulated, second-hand firearms market that threatens public safety. These findings clearly tell us that law enforcement, legislators and web sites all need to take steps to choke off this potentially deadly stream of illegal firearms sales.”

Your report is garbage, nothing more than propaganda to go after our guns. This has nothing to do with public safety, which by the way, is endangered when less people are allowed to have guns.

Bloomberg also criticized Congress for failing to act at the federal level on gun violence since the Sandy Hook shooting. “They’ve basically done nothing,” Bloomberg said during the press conference. “I don’t know what tragedy it’s going to take. I for one am going to keep the pressure on.”

And so shall we, you evil bastard. So shall we. We’re gonna give you hell, Bloomberg.

“In 2012, the mayor spent about $10 million or so dipping his toe in the water. I guess we’ll find out what the whole foot looks like in 2014,” said Mark Glaze, Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ executive director.

We defeated you bastards in Colorado even though you had more money and more resources, we shall do it again. Our NRA has 5 million members, if each one of those donated $20 to the NRA’s Institute of Legislative Action, we’d have a war chest of $100 million dollars. Bloomberg may be a billionaire bastard, but is he willing to waste that much money fighting us? I doubt it. Nobody becomes a billionaire by throwing money away, and even Bloomberg will have to realize at some point that this is a losing battle for him.



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    • I’m just grateful we have RKBA. Look at what he’s done to smokers, can’t even smoke in Central Park anymore, he’s even thinking about going after electronic cigarettes. Smokers don’t have the National Smokers Association nor does the Constitution protect them, but we do. So if you haven’t, joined the NRA and subscribe to America’s First freedom.

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