Bloomberg may be hazardous to your reelection.

Real Clear Politics published an interesting opinion piece about a Pennsylvania mayor who ran for reelection and lost.


CHAMBERSBURG – Know your constituency. It’s the first rule of local politics.

The second: What happens in New York City usually can only happen in New York City, and is best kept there.
Policies that fit “The Big Apple” don’t fit a town that is, say, known statewide for its Apple Festival. Just ask Democrat Pete Lagiovane, the mayor of this Franklin County town who won’t return to office in January. He lost his bid for re-election — to a seat he won unopposed the last time — in part because he signed up Chambersburg as one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun cities.


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Exactly, we need to send a message to Democrats living in real America, if you dance with Bloomberg, you screw your chances of staying in power. It takes more than money to win elections, you can’t polish a turd.

His Republican opponent, Darren Brown, said he knows one thing he’ll do immediately after being sworn in as mayor: “The very, very first thing I’d like to do is get Chambersburg off the ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ list.”



So when Mayor Bloomberg brings his circus to town to build his own fame and to spread money around, or when Washington decides it wants to start regulating gun ownership with more background checks, these people react in the only respectful way they know: They vote out of office those who are infringing on their way of life.


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