Black Guns Matter In Jacksonville

If you’re black and interested in guns, this event is for you!

Below is the story where I found the flyer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Maj Toure is on a quest to make a difference. As a hip hop artist, he’s traveled the country and seen a lot – so, in 2015, he started a movement called “Black Guns Matter.” Action News Jax Erica Bennett spoke to him via Skype on Tuesday from Philadelphia, where he’s based.

“Misinformation in any area, especially with something as powerful as a firearm, can lead you going to jail, and lead to you hurting someone, hurting yourself, so that’s definitely a problem,” he explained.

Despite the name, Toure said his group is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter. The name is a simple reference to the color of most guns.

“This has crime-lowering benefits, cultural-changing benefits. From the smallest thing to the largest thing, it’s been amazing all across the country,” Toure said.

If you’re in Jacksonville and want to come, click HERE to register.

Or click HERE to learn more about Black Guns Matter and Maj Toure.


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