Black Gun Targets Politically Incorrect

If you go to the gun range, you’re not supposed to pick black gun targets according to the PC police.

Fatal shootings of young black men across the U.S. remain a contentious topic even in a political climate that provides new opportunities for outrage every day.

Ad agencies and their clients have addressed the seemingly insoluble problem of gun violence in lots of different ways, but few have directly tackled the racial components of this epidemic.

Earlier this year, the New York office of international creative shop Fred & Farid teamed up with humanist organization The New York Society for Ethical Culture to celebrate Black History Month by bringing attention to the role that unconscious bias might play in fomenting such tragedies.

The two parties called on a group of artists to redesign the classic black human-silhouette shooting target, thereby illustrating the fact that black men are far more likely than their peers to be killed by “trained shooters.”
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Black men are also the ones most likely committing the crimes. Why do you think law-abiding blacks move out of the ghetto as soon as they can afford it? Why are white neighborhoods more expensive than black neighborhoods? Why does gentrifying a neighborhood cuts the crime in half if not more? The answers are obvious, white people carry guns, and they call the police when they see something going on.

Besides, even if we shoot red targets, which are easier to see at the range, I don’t think this is going to make people less likely to shoot criminals of any color.

With that said, in the real world the criminal is unlikely to be wearing a bright orange or red target, he might be hiding in the shadows, most likely wearing black, the preferred color of burglars and home invaders. After all, most criminals don’t want to get caught. That’s why at times we’ll be training with black targets, that’s not racism, that’s reality.


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