Biden’s Boy pushes Gun Ban.


Like father, like son, Beau Biden is following in his daddy’s gun-banning footsteps.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is urging the state Senate to reconsider a bill that would ban individuals deemed a threat by mental health professionals from owning guns.

The bill, which failed to pass earlier in the year, would require mental health professionals to report individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others.

But some contend it could have a negative impact.

The measure could discourage Delawareans from seeking mental health care, said Eric Boye, chairman of the First State Liberty political action committee. It’s also an overreach of the state’s power, he argued.

“This is all based on the hunch of what a person might do,” said Boye. “Not the actual intent of a person, not [the] actual carrying out of a crime, having law enforcement act on that.

Exactly! Who’s gonna want to see the headshrinker if it results in losing your gun?

“This bill is not an attack on mental health or mental illness. It is basically an opportunity to have people who are potentially not thinking clearly, have guns removed until they are better able to function,” said Barbieri.

“Again, it’s not an automatic, it goes through the police, the police have to investigate, then it goes to the AG’s office, then it goes to the courts, and then it goes to potential securing of the weapons,” he said.

The Delaware chapter of the National Rifle Association withdrew its opposition based on the compromise language.

Well, the NRA has to pick their battles. But frankly, this bill is not needed. Psychologists and psychiatrists are already expected to report real threats, then the cops can investigate, then they can arrest the person, maybe have him institutionalized.

Of course, the truth is that Democrats don’t really give a crap about mental health, they just want another law to facilitate gun confiscations.  If someone is a danger with a gun, why is he not a danger without a gun?

The Russians just experienced a second suicide bombing in Volgorad, thus when one has the will to murder, one will find a way to murder.




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