The Best 9mm Handguns for Concealed Carry

The Best 9mm Handguns to Buy for Concealed Carry
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Well, not everyone would feel comfortable sitting next to a person carrying a gun and does not seem to be a cop or federal agent. As much as you need to protect yourself, there is still the need to conceal your weapon. Not all types of handguns would be perfect for concealed carry; the 9mm handguns seem to take category quite easily.


For some time, the 9mm handgun was quite underrated, but the tables have turned over time. People love it no just because it is great as a concealed weapon, but other features too. The 9mm has more light rounds, it is less expensive, lighter, and faster as compared to its close rival .45.

If you are out to get yourself a 9mm handgun, check out the following options.

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  1. Springfield XD-S

This pistol is available as a 3.3” barrel and 4.0” barrel. You simply need to choose the one you feel is practical for you. They, however, offer almost the same performance with different in the number of rounds.

It is reasonably lightweight, especially when opting for the 4.0” barrel type. For most users, it does feel well balanced during the shooting. The model still features an aggressive textured grip, which is much better than when using the smoother pistols. This will ensure you have better control of the gun when shooting.

MP Shield Confidence

  1. The Smith and Wesson M&P shield

The M&P shield offers a great option if you are looking for a strong solid construction. It has a capacity to support either the 7 or 8 round magazines. For the older models, you might get they have the external thumb safety, but all that is changing with the new models.

The recoil you get with this model is just about the standard one expected in many pistols. The grip is still impressive only that it is not as aggressive as compared to that of Springfield XD-S.

If you are still looking for another option from M&P, then consider the Compact model which might weigh just a little bit more, but has a 12-round magazine.

glock 26

  1. The Glock 26

You have probably heard of the name Glock for a while if you a gun enthusiast. This type of Glock is what you need for concealed carry and still enjoy its features. The gun is designed to have a solid construction and highly dependable based on the needs of many people who need to have one.

The Glock 26 has a generous capacity of 10 rounds and a much wider grip that gives you better control when shooting.

This type might not have a lot of features such as the XD-S, but it is for sure reliable. The pistol will always fire each time you need it to do the job.

LaserGuard Crimson Trace Ruger LC9

  1. Ruger LC9s

The LC9s is a big improvement from the predecessor LC9. If you get to use the two, you will see there is quite a difference especially in the trigger section.

If compared to other models, it is one of the lightest, as it weighs only 17.2 oz. It also has the least recoil too among its peers. It comes with an integrated trigger safety as a standard feature, which is much better than the external safety.

If you buy this model, expect it to feel quite small in your hand because of its size. It is still great for easy handling if you get used to it.


  1. Beretta BU9 Nano

This could be a nice pistol for people who do not love the huge pistols. It might be small, but it has a solid build you would want in a gun. The tiny dimensions might not be the best thing for men with large hands. It just feels small, so this would be perfect for smaller men or women.

At this small size, it has a capacity of 6 rounds, which is light for most people. You can still get the extended 8-round magazine to work on it.

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  1. The Glock 43

This is the second Glock model on the list, but it sure deserves the spot. The 43 is quite good in terms of design and firepower too. It comes made as ultra slim, so that concealment should not be an issue. You can even just conceal it in when wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Its weight is quite a plus, as it only weighs 17.9 ounces, making it to be among the most lightweight pistols. Comparing to other models in its category, it does quite well, especially with the subcompact design. You can carry it more often without feeling it is bulging.

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  1. Walther PPQ

This pistol offers you double action, meaning that it is accurate and gives you the right feel in the hand. The manufacturer designed an impressive grip so that the user can have an easier time handling the recoil from the gun. The amazing 15 round magazine for this model should give you more firepower that you just need.

To make it the best among other common double action pistols, it does come with a quicker reset trigger time. This should make the user have more controlled shots with the pistol.


  1. Sig Sauer P239 Sig Sauer P320 Gun Ad one for all

The P239 pistol has a great reputation when it comes to reliability. You will always be sure that the gun will not all of a sudden fail to fire. It is commonly classified as a duty gun, but we get to list it as a concealed carry today for its concealable size. It is the reason you will get it commonly used by law enforcement agencies as their backup gun.

This model comes with an 8-round magazine and impressive Hogue rubber grip. It should be easy to control such a gun thanks to its size.


  1. H&K USP Compact

If you are looking for an almost indestructible handgun, then this is it. You get to experience sturdy construction that just makes everything better. It might slightly wider, but it is what you need for a high power concealed weapon. It is wider because of an external safety and the presence of a docking lever.

It has a capacity to hold a 10-round magazine, but you can always switch to an extended magazine easily. This model will shoot continuously without the user experiencing any issues.


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