Armed Man Fights Three Burglars

Another victory for the good guy with a gun:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 27, 2014) –Three men break in to a home and end up coming face to face with the person living there.

At some point, police say gunfire was traded and one of the bad guys was killed. The two other guys took off after the gunfire erupted inside the home in the 3100 block of N. College Ave. Police did eventually find a person of interest, who’s being question.

Neighbors say the way their neighborhood is today is a total turnaround from the way it used to be.

“Drastically it’s changed,” said Damian Parrott. “Went from a pretty good neighborhood to now it’s not even safe to sit on your own porch or your own lot.”

If you have anything that could help police solve this investigation, call the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department or submit an anonymous tip through Central Indian Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

With homeowners shooting criminals, I’m sure it will become a good neighborhood once again.

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