Arm the TSA instead of Disarming the rest of us.

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The LAX shooting has woken up the gun control vultures that seek to eat our rights, but there is some light at the end of this deep dark tunnel.

As Texas Republican Mike McCaul said it:

““TSA officers are not armed. It’s the local police that provide perimeter security, and there’s little more of a soft target outside the checkpoints,”McCaul, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I want to work with the director of TSA … to see if there’s something we can do better or differently.”

Yet the enemy is loud:

“The weapon (used by the gunman in Friday’s shooting) … is clearly designed not for general consumption,” California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “Would I do a bill? Sure, I would do a bill. I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul,” added Feinstein, a staunch gun-control supporter, before acknowledging that laws proposing stiffer anti-gun measures have failed to garner support in recent months, despite a rash of public shootings.

Source: Idem

Funny, a woman who doesn’t own guns (although I bet her bodyguards are packing) has the gall to tell us which guns are designed for general consumption.

Lady, it’s a good bet that every gun in the world has been used by some military at some point. Not every gun a soldier carries is fully-automatic, you know.

As for the AR-15, that beautiful weapon is very popular among civilians. According to one user, you can buy a “a neutered AR in California. No bayonet lug, no threaded barrel, no detachable magazine. The only evil feature you are allowed is the pistol grip. Now I’ve seen people experiment with keeping one feature over another like a aftermarket stock that eliminates the pistol grip so you can have one of the other evil features. Like some have said Kel-Tec makes a smallish compact .223 that actually uses AR magazines. (ten rounders of course) If you want to shoot .223 semi-auto Remington 7400’s are fun to shoot and ten round aftermarket mags are fairly easy to find.”

So here’s an idea, if you won’t trust us with guns at the airport, why not trust the TSA? We simply can’t afford to hire more cops, and while I don’t like being molested by the TSA when I travel, I don’t think they deserve to die on the job because gun-grabbers like you denied them the tools they need.


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