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There are many weapon cleaning and lubrication systems on the market today. Many of them make claims as to the performance of their product and many of them are toxic and made with modern industrial chemicals. Every once in a while something comes along that not only is natural and non-toxic, but actually is better than the competition.

After reading the background behind AIMBOT.EXE (AE), the company that makes SLIK (Patent Pending) CLP, Solvent and Lubricant, and watching some of their proof of concept videos, my interest was piqued. AIMBOT.EXE is veteran owned and operated. The guys behind the products are Afghanistan veterans, and while that in itself means very little in regards to the performance of the product, it does mean that they know the kinds of issues that professionals who rely on their tools face.

So when a sample of SLIK was presented to me I was somewhat skeptical. I already had a system in place that worked for the type of environment I run my AR’s in, which honestly could be described as very middle of the road. I love to go into the mountains and shoot on a regular basis but I don’t baby my weapons or clean then obsessively.

“Harnessing the power of nature and science, I was able to create what I believe to be three amazing products that are 100-percent non-toxic and all-natural”

So what’s in SLIK and how does it work?

The proprietary, natural non-toxic formula is the foundation for the three products in the system which includes a solvent, CLP and lubricant.

Photo Credit: Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography

“I started my quest to create the ultimate lubricant using the bit of knowledge I possessed about the different properties of various ingredients, as well as their viscosity; after months of testing and research, I was able to create a lubricant in three variants that was not only waterproof but which surpassed the effectiveness of other well-known brands.”

Indeed, the system is waterproof. We recreated the napkin test from one of the company’s videos by applying lubricant to one half side of a paper towel and then using a dropper to apply water to first the non-treated side and then the treated side. The treated side did not allow the water to be absorbed, rather it just collected and beaded. The non-treated side on the other hand did what you would expect a paper towel to do, it sucked the water right up.

So how else did they demonstrate how effective SLIK is at lubricating and protecting metal?

The guys at SLIK have made several videos showing the effectiveness of its water resistant properties. They coated a piece of high carbon steel and submerged it in a salt bath for two weeks. When removed from the solution the steel was rust free and still coated in the lubricant. A similar test was done, this time with three piece of steel, one treated with SLIK, one without product applied and one with a name brand product that you probably currently run in your weapons. After being exposed to a salt solution the SLIK treated steel was rust free. The other two were not.

An interesting side note, the rusty non treated steel was then cleaned with the SLIK solvent, which completely removed the rust. Not only can you use the system on a functioning weapon, you can apply it to something that ordinarily would be considered past its used-by date. This opens up a whole world of non-firearms applications where you need to prevent rust, protect against mud and debris and promote continued operation in harsh environments.


The most startling test, one we didn’t recreate, was the sandy water torture test. Would a pistol submerged in sandy water still function with the system? As a comparison, the pistols (one a Beretta 92 SF and one an S&W M&P 9mm.) applied with SLIK and also three of the most popular lubricants currently on the market were submerged in a sandy water bath. The results were night and day. When applied with the popular mainstream lubricants, the pistols failed almost immediately, failing to eject rounds, not returning to battery and becoming so locked up the slides eventually could not be manipulated under normal manipulation scenarios. When tested with the SLIK lubricant, both pistols were able to function properly without failure, despite being exposed to the same debris as in the previous tests.

That’s pretty huge for anyone running a weapon in a hostile dirty environment, like the ones faced by those serving overseas with the military. It’s also important for Law Enforcement Officers and the Average Joe who carries a weapon for self-defense. These groups are often not the most proactive with cleaning regimens or the most adept at dealing with failures in a life and death situation.

Photo Credit: Zan Dewar


All in all I am impressed, the system worked as advertised. Applying it to an AR-15 and 9mm pistol, the CLP cleaned out oil, carbon and fouling with ease, and after a cursory wipe off it left a protective film of lubricant on all the metal parts. Next, I added the lubricant to the friction areas, being mindful not to go Full-Monty like I tend to do when using a liquid-based lubricant. It’s important to remember that more is less, which saves you money, and not to get into the bad habit of over applying the product during scheduled servicing. A thin layer is all you need to get the job done and to protect your metal. In fact, cleaning the second time round was even easier after the SLIK system had penetrated and conditioned the metal surfaces.

But, I came across a feature that I needed to mentally adjust to while testing the product.

The CLP and lubricant are a dry base, not a liquid like other brands. That means that a cooled-down AR-15 bolt carrier group treated with SLIK looks gummy. It’s not. Slik stays on the metal during storage and becomes more liquid-like as the weapon heats up during use.

Like with most systems, there are a variety of container sizers, from 2 oz tubs to easy to carry chapstick-size applicators. And don’t worry, if your girlfriend accidentally picks up the mini-CLP and applies it to her lips, she won’t get sick. It’s all natural and non-toxic. Heck, it even has a nice citrus smell.

Photo Credit: Zan Dewar

Check them out at the official AIMBOT.EXE website, and on facebook at

Hang on, I hear you asking, what’s AE Armor?

Well the guys at AIMBOT.EXE also have a successful line of ballistic panel inserts for backpacks and other applications. Their insert stopped over 39 handgun rounds ranging from the .22LR to a .44 magnum.

Photo Credit: Zan Dewar

I guess they know from their deployments that you can’t fight back if your primary defensive tool is broken or if you’re dead.

Photo Credit: Zan Dewar

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