Alabama supports NRA in lawsuit against BATF.

“MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange filed a brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a National Rifle Association challenge to a federal law that bans licensed gun dealers from selling handguns to 18, 19 and 20-year-olds.

Eighteen-to-twenty-year-olds are not forbidden from possessing or using handguns. However, a 1968 federal law prohibits licensed firearms dealers from selling handguns to people under 21 years of age.”


Abolishing this law would be a good thing because:
1. Adults should be treated like adults.
2. Old enough to serve in the military? Old enough to buy a handgun.
3. Licensed firearms dealers deserve the sales and Alabama could use the sales tax.

If the critics are correct and “18-year-olds are immature and lack judgement” then why are they allowed to join the military at 17? Why are they allowed to vote and buy cigarettes at 18? Why can a minor be emancipated then?

Liberals often see the South as “backwards,” yet Alabama and the 21 other States that joined in the lawsuit are moving towards real progress.

Here’s an idea for the Republican Party, if you’re going for the “youth vote,” how about not treating them like stupid young people? Fight to lower the drinking age and the handgun-buying age to 18. Individuals aren’t statistics, just like they don’t raise the driving age to 21 because young people are more likely to have accidents, they should stop making collective decisions for individuals. Republicans don’t have to become the Libertarian Party, but instead of compromising with worthless Democrats and spineless RINO’s, perhaps they should compromise with libertarians.

Create the kind of country where there is more freedom instead of less.


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  1. That regulation was suggested by a racist democrat based on the age range most brackets most likely to be involved in the black power movement.

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