Accessorizing a Glock 43 for Ladies


A handgun, for all practical purposes, is an extension of one’s self. This is why people go to great lengths in trying out new handguns, all in search of the right one that is easy to handle and the one that suits their lifestyle. One man’s perfect gun might not be the best weapon of choice for another man. Thanks to the various aftermarket accessories, it has now become extremely easy to customize your handgun to suit your specific requirements. In fact, accessories are not the only way to personalize your handguns and the racks are piled with interesting stuff that you would like to get home too.

Let’s say you are looking to gift the lady of the house her own piece. Why would you opt for a boring old black handgun, when you can surprise her with a brand new Glock 43 Tiffany blue! Shooting with style just got a new meaning. It costs a tiny bit more than the regular Glock, but what’s in spending few extra dollars for love and safety anyway?

Once you are down with the choice in weaponry, the next step is to invest in quality accessories that are easily found on sites like Omaha outdoors. Holsters for example. When it comes to the ladies holsters, you will surely be spoiled for choice. You can choose from hip holsters, thigh holsters, bra holsters, etc. Just make sure to check that the holster can fit the Glock 43 Tiffany blue snugly before actually investing in one. While you are at it, you can splurge on a mag pouch to hold an extra magazine.

Next up is ammunition. A gun without suitable ammo is just a very expensive paperweight. Now, the Blue carries the traditional 9mm rounds. Invest in a good set of ammunition that is highly reliable. Take some time out to test out samples on your own, with a special look out for the recoil and impact.

The little Glock 43 is extremely compact, it is also light in weight which makes it easy to handle and conceal. If you are looking to buy a present for your lady, then there is no better handgun in the price range. Couple it with the above mentioned accessories and it becomes an excellent defense weapon. Forget mace and pepper spray. This is what she should be packing at all time.

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