5 Great Movies by Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a pro-gun Hollywood actor, a rare breed, so let’s celebrate the man by promoting his movies.

1. The Fifth Element

This film is probably more recognizable as the one with the chick from the Resident Evil movies as the attractive alien, but it does feature Willis in a sort-of futuristic John McClane-type role that suits him perfectly.The Fifth Element is a nice mix of science fiction, action and comedy, which is mostly derived from Willis’ character, the cab driving former military officer Korben Dallas

2. Armageddon

If an asteroid was hurling toward the Earth, and NASA’s best option was to send oil drillers up into space to land on the asteroid and drop a nuke in a hole, who wouldn’t want that oil driller to be Bruce Willis? As Harry Stamper, Willis plays the American everyman to perfection. He’s a funny guy, he’s a loving father, he cares deeply for his friends and crew, and is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet. Quoting the late Michael Clarke Duncan, “Harry, you da man.”

3. Sin City

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels, Sin City revolves around the seediest, most vile, most corrupt city in the country. Its inhabitants are mostly all evil, including some cops and members of the government. One of the good guys is Bruce Willis’ Hartigan, an aging cop that has sworn to protect young Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) from a deformed pedophile. Sin City is easily the most visually stunning on any of Willis’ movies, as director Robert Rodriguez filmed a majority of the movie on a green screen, making it seem like the viewers are watching the actual comic on the big screen.

4. Pulp Fiction

This movie would probably top most “Best Films” lists, but Willis isn’t exactly the main character in this one. Willis’ character, Butch Coolidge, is a down-on-his-luck boxer who’s in deep with the wrong people, namely Marsellus Wallace. Butch doesn’t tank his fight like he’s supposed to, and goes on the run. He ends up running into Marsellus on the street, then that’s when things get nasty. A Zed and a gimp later, mostly everyone is scarred for life. Thanks Tarantino.

5. Die Hard

If a Bruce Willis movie had to beat Pulp Fiction, you knew it had to be Die Hard. The movie that made Bruce Willis a star, Die Hard is still one of the best action movies of all time. It’s the perfect blend of over-the-top action and humor, which Willis carried over from his Moonlightingdays. Yippe-kay-yay!


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