5 Great Airsoft Pistol for Firearm Training

Yes, it is possible for you to use the airsoft pistols for firearm training. There are a number of pistols, which have the design, functionality, and feel of a real gun. Whenever you are learning to use the gun, you would know how to hold it, fire and even reload with ease when using the airsoft pistol. Below are some of the top models you could start with training.

  1. Umarex Beretta 92A1 CO2 Blowback .177 BB

This model has its features changed so that it becomes better and can easily satisfy the needs of different people. Coming from a top brand, you can always hope for a model that would help you keep your aim straight. Even by looking at it, many people can easily pass it as a firearm. The replication was so good that you would want to keep using it for longer. The manufacturer still made it be inexpensive so that many users can easily get it for practicing.

On the overall, it is for sure well-made. The moment you get to put it in your hand, it feels great and you should keep firing with no hesitation or fatigue. It feels sturdy too, meaning it is made to last for longer. After using it for a while, it would still look like new. The finish on the gun makes it look realistic even for an airsoft pistol.

The model comes with various shooting modes integrated into it. This should make the users have a great time handling the shooting. You can switch from one mode to another depending on the skill level. It is also made to have improved accuracy than the previous models.

  1. Umarex Walther P99 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Most users would often go for the best product in a bunch. Well, for the best airsoft pistol for firearm training, you can always choose this one. It delivers new features that should make training better. The model is made to deliver an impressive velocity of 380 FPS. This type of speed is close to a standard pistol issued to users after training. As much as many people would not believe that it is that good, the model still keeps on shocking many other people who buy it.

The model further offers a decent accuracy for most people to enjoy using. The accuracy of the model is rated up to 120 feet. For short range shooting, the model should be adequate enough. Most people who have got this would not be looking to get a replacement anytime soon.

Another important feature would be the lightweight nature of the model. It should feel easy to carry it around so that you can train whenever you get the opportunity. The magazine capacity is at 15 bullets, which should minimize the time spent on reloading.

  1. Black Ops CO2 Boa Airsoft Pistol

Even from the name, you can easily conclude that this is a mean airsoft pistol. It is definitely going to be something that people talk about when you show up with it during training. The model is made to feel and work great just like the firearms you get on the market. Most people have linked it to feeling just like the real gun. You will not have to settle for the simpler spring action models when such powerful model is available right now.

This is a powerful airsoft pistol meaning that it can deliver a longer range and better accuracy too. Beating your competitors is something simple now that you have the best gun that delivers the ammo faster. It should do an impressive 400FPS in velocity when working with -12 grams of ammo. The ammo to use with the gun is easily available at any store that deals with the ammo or you can get buy online.

It is a fast action model, so expect that it would always be better than competitor models. Since it is semi-automatic, it should make your training better with the fast shooting.


  1. Umarex Elite 1911 Tac Gen2 Airsoft Pistol

The manufacturer made the model be quite stylish so that people can easily find it attractive. You get a black slide and a tan finish lower frame. The coat is just not for making it look great, but rather make it durable so that it can last for a long time to come. It features common controls you would get from different guns made by the same manufacturer. The model still features new signs that would help increase the visibility and also a railed frame that makes the installation of the tactical lights easier.

The trigger mechanism on the model is better than what you get in some airsoft models. Even for a beginner, it should be easy to start using the gun from the moment you get it. The magazine also holds enough ammo that should get you having more fun before there is the need to reload again.

  1. Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 CO2 Full metal Airsoft Pistol

The model easily stands out as one of the best with its blowback mechanism. This mechanism is important to keep the device always working smoothly. To add on that, the use of the CO2 power makes the gun work flawlessly as compared to when you should have been using the spring action model.

The semi-automatic nature is something that should get more people interested in using the airsoft gun for training. You can now have an easy time shooting continuously at a target. There is still the idea of having the textured handgrip. The handgrip is important to give the user that perfect grip each time when shooting. The weapon will never slip from your hand with such type of construction.

All the mentioned models for sure work just like the real stuff. The moment you get to think of having a model that works great for you, then you might want to get yourself any of the models. You can always do some further research on them to learn more about what different you can get from each model.

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