4 Awesome iPhone 8 Applications for Gun Owners

There are iOS applications that can be useful for people who own weapons. Following is a list of apps available for all iPhone users.


Every weapon owner has, at times, wondered where to find cheap ammunition. The AmmoSeek app will take care of this task within minutes.

The AmmoSeek app is a search engine for ammunition, available for iPhone and Android users. Simply enter the cartridge type and caliber, and the application will find the cheapest offer among online shops. You can sort the results by gunpowder weight, bullet type and manufacturer, which will allow you to find your favorite cartridges at the lowest possible price. Also, with the help of AmmoSeek, users can find shops and components for re-equipment.

Gun Disassembly 2

This one gives shooters any information they might need about the structure of their weapon.

Available for iPhone and Android, contains three-dimensional models of 133 weapons, from handguns and hunting rifles to machine guns and grenade launchers.

Aside from that, the app makes it possible to look inside the weapon in X-ray mode and see how it operates. The Shoot mode will show how shooting and reloading occur, both in real time and slow-mo.

The application can be installed for free and includes 10 basic free models (for example, Glock 19). You will have to purchase additional models.


iSnipe gives serious shooters one of the most advanced ballistic calculators among smartphone programs. The application uses an exclusive ballistic data library to obtain results on three axes complying with army standards for more than 150 pistol and rifle cartridges, including angle adjustment in longitudinal and transverse axes, wind, the Coriolis effect, demolition caused by the bullet’s rotation, and atmospheric conditions.

It features the design parameters of nearly 1500 bullets and balls for pneumatic weapons and more than 2,400 profiles of factory ammunition. The application also uses the smartphone itself to determine angles. Just place your iPhone on a cool barrel and the application will record the angles to use them for future calculations. Also, the app uses GPS navigation system data to determine the weather conditions on the terrain. In addition to the calculator, the application offers tables and graphs of trajectories.

It’s not free of charge and is available only to Apple users.

Nikon Spot On

For owners of Nikon optical sights, the company offers an application that shows the conformity of any given aiming grid of Nikon BDC to different distances, depending on the ammunition the shooter chooses.

Once you download and install the application, select the type of Nikon sight you’re using. Then select the ammunition with which you’re going to shoot. During the last stage, enter the distance of the gunfire and the distance to the target. The application will calculate the aiming point for this target and inform the shooter about which mark on the BDC grid is used at different distances for the given cartridge and the distance of the adjustment.

The application is free and is suitable for iPhone users. You must have a Nikon sight to use this tool effectively.

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